Can coaching help my marriage?

Yes, it can. Coaching is highly effective for a couple where one is willing to work together.

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A church liaison promotes marriage coaching to church leadership and other couples.

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MarriageTeam Coaching WORKS!
Consider that more than 89% of the couples considering divorce decide not to divorce after completing MarriageTeam coaching. And, for many couples coaching works even when more traditional counseling has not. MarriageTeam will not give you advice or preach to you, rather we focus on your personal/marital growth, practical tools, and LASTING change.

WHY Marriage Coaching?
Coaching guides you into self-discovery. You will learn tools which you can use and APPLY for a lifetime. Using these tools to make agreed upon changes yields amazing results for you, your spouse, and your family.  Click here to see what other couples say about their personal experiences. Couples come to MarriageTeam for pre-marital skills, to strengthen their marriage, and also re-marriage programs. What are you waiting for? Call us today and get started!

What’s The CATCH?
Honestly, that’s up to you. If you want to move forward and need change, we have made coaching VERY affordable so cost is never an issue. We have helped hundreds of couples for over 12 years and trained hundreds of certified coach couples. The ultimate cost to you is your time. Is working on your marriage important to you? Typical coaching session are once a week for 12 sessions. Now, is the time for you to give us a call!